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What would you do if one day you woke to zombies around your house?

How long could you survive?

In this topdown zombie-shooter game you need to survive as long as you can. But be careful: the  longer you survive, the  more zombies comeing.


The player moves towards the cursor!
Use Arrow Keys or WASD to move the player around.
Use Left Mouse Button to shoot.
With Number1 and Number2 you can change between two types of weapons.
You can fiund ammo and health crates around in the area.
You can even move some objects just pushing them.
If your health reaches 0, the game is over!

This is my firs game made with Unity. I used Kenney's Topdown shooter pack as pattern of my game. Feel free to play my game, write comment, report bug, or even suppor my game fiancially :)


Unwanted Visitors - Linux 64bit.zip 19 MB
Unwanted Visitors - Windows 32bit.zip 17 MB
Unwanted Visitors - Windows 64bit.zip 19 MB
UnwantedVisitors - MacOS.app.zip 19 MB

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